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Culture Free Self-Esteem Inventories, 3rd Edition

Culture Free Self-Esteem Inventories, 3rd Edition

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The CFSEI-3 is a set of self-report Inventories used to determine the level of Self- Esteem in students. Three new age-appropriate forms were developed: Primary, Intermediate, and Adolescent. All three forms of the inventory provide a Global Self- Esteem Quotient (GSEQ). The Intermediate and Adolescent Forms provide Self-Esteem scores in 4 areas: Academic, General, Parental/Home, and Social. The Adolescent Form provides an additional Self-Esteem score: Personal Self-Esteem. A defensive measure is also provided to assess the extent to which an examinee's responses are guarded. Reliability of the CFSEI-3 was investigated using estimates of content sampling and time sampling. For GSEQ scores, average internal consistency coefficients range from .81 to .93; time sampling coefficients range from .72 to .98. Validity of the CFSEI-3 was investigated using content, criterion-prediction, and construct-identification validity. The CFSEI-3 correlates strongly with other measures of Self-Esteem and self-concept. Many new studies demonstrating the cultural fairness of the CFSEI-3 have been added, including Differential Item Functioning analyses and separate reliability and validity information for seven subgroups (male, female, European American, African American,Hispanic American, gifted and talented, and learning disabled). In addition, a full chapter in the Examiner's Manual is devoted to the test's bias.


Original Code 10335
Authors James Battle
Contents Manual, 50 Primary Examiner/Record Forms, 50 Intermediate Profile/Scoring Forms, 50 Intermediate Student Response Forms, 50 Adolescent Profile/Scoring Forms, and 50 Adolescent Student Response Forms
Age Range 6-0 through 18-11
Time Taken 15 - 20 minutes
Administration Individual/Group
Language English

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