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Clinical Assessment Scale for the Elderly (CASE)

Clinical Assessment Scale for the Elderly (CASE)

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The CASE consists of a self-rating form (Form S) and an other-rating form (Form R) that can be completed by a knowledgeable caregiver (e.g., a spouse, child, home health care worker, sibling). Form R is especially useful to verify the information provided by the patient, or when the patient is unable to complete the assessment due to physical or cognitive difficulties. Developed specifically to assess for the most prominent DSM-IV disorders among the elderly. Consists of 10 clinical scales: Anxiety (ANX), Cognitive Competence (COG), Depression (DEP), Fear of Aging (FOA), Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD), Paranoia (PAR), Psychoticism (PSY), Somatization (SOM), Mania (MAN), and Substance Abuse (SUB). Includes a valuable Fear of Aging scale that assesses an individual's level of apprehension about the aging process. CASE items are free of gender or ethnic bias.


Original Code WW-4566-KT
Authors Cecil R. Reynolds and Erin D. Bigler
Contents CASE/CASE-SF Professional Manual, 25 Form S Reusable Item Booklets, 25 Form R Reusable Item Booklets, 25 Form S Hand-Scorable Answer Sheets, 25 Form R Hand-Scorable Answer Sheets, and 50 Profile Forms
Age Range 55 - 90 yrs
Time Taken 20 - 40 minutes
Administration Individual/Group
Language English

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