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Clinical Assessment of Attention Deficit - Adult (CAT-A)

Clinical Assessment of Attention Deficit - Adult (CAT-A)

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The CAT-A is a 108-item self-report instrument that is comprehensive, highly reliable, and sensitive to the symptomatology of attentional deficits both with and without hyperactivity for adults. Closely aligned with current diagnostic criteria, the CAT-A includes scales, clusters, and items that are sensitive to symptom presentation in differing contexts and as expressed as either internal sensations or overt behaviors. The CAT-A consists of two parts: Part 1 (Childhood Memories) assesses the individual's memories of his/her behaviors and sensations as a child; and Part 2 (Current Symptoms) assesses parallel issues in adulthood. The CAT-A provides Clinical Index scores for the Childhood Memories section, the Current Symptoms section, as well as the summation of these two sections. In addition, three validity scales are embedded within the instrument--Negative Impression, Infrequency, and Positive Impression.


Original Code WW-5651-KT
Authors Bruce A. Bracken & Barbara S.Boatwright
Contents CAT-A/CAT-C Professional Manual, 25 CAT-A Rating Forms, and 25 CAT-A Score Summary/Profile Forms
Age Range 8 to 79 years
Time Taken 20-25 minutes
Administration Individual/Group
Language English

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