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British Picture Vocabulary Scale - Third Edition

British Picture Vocabulary Scale - Third Edition

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BPVS3 assesses students’ receptive (hearing) vocabulary: for each question the teacher says a word and the student responds by selecting the picture (from four options) that best illustrates the word’s meaning. The questions broadly sample words that represent a range of content areas such as actions, animals, toys and emotions and parts of speech such as nouns, verbs or attributes, across all levels of difficulty. Benefits: Full colour illustrations, Enlarged format that makes illustrations stand out, Vivid colours and black outlines make illustrations suitable for students who may be colour blind, Test format helps to reduce tension during the test session – teacher can observe as well as assess, Ideal for practitioners in mainstream and special education settings, Screens for verbal development, Helps in the detection of language impairment.


Original Code ISBN: 9780708719558
Authors Lloyd M Dunn, Douglas M Dunn, Ben Styles and Julie Sewell
Contents Test material, Manual, 20 Record Forms and Carry Case.
Age Range 3 - 16 yrs
Time Taken Untimed
Administration Individual
Language English

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