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Adult Manifest Anxiety Scale

Adult Manifest Anxiety Scale

- Brand: Prasad Psycho Corporation
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The AMAS offers a simple, efficient way to measure anxiety experienced by adults. Because it has three age-specific forms, it permits a targeted assessment that takes into account many of the situations that predictably condition an individuals moods and feelings. The test is useful in general clinical practice, college counseling centers, and geriatric settings. It is an excellent way to monitor the effects of psychotherapy and drug therapy. The scale is available in three forms: AMAS-A for adults (ages 19 to 59); AMAS-E for elderly individuals (60 and above); and AMAS-C for students enrolled in college. The three forms were independently developed and normed, and each includes some unique items and/or subscales. The AMAS-A, for example, contains several items addressing work pressures, while the AMAS-E includes items focusing on fear of aging, and the AMAS-C adds a Test Anxiety scale.


Original Code W-386
Authors Cecil R. Reynolds, Bert O. Richmond and Patricia A. Lowe
Contents 30 AutoScore Answer Forms (10 for the AMAS-A, 10 for the AMAS-E; and 10 for the AMAS-C); 1 Manual
Age Range 19 years and up
Time Taken 10 minutes
Administration Individual/Group
Language English

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