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Decoding Skills Test

Decoding Skills Test

- Brand: Prasad Psycho Corporation
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The Decoding Skills Test (DST) helps you diagnose and treat specific reading disabilities, including dyslexia. It gives you a clear picture of the processes involved in reading and shows you the particular area in which an individual needs help. Designed for children and adults who are reading at firstthrough fifth-grade levels, the DST provides a diagnostic profile of the decoding skills that are essential to reading comprehension. Subtest I, Basal Vocabulary, measures the ability to recognize words taught in most basal reading programs. Subtest II, Phonic Patterns, assesses the ability to decode words using letter-sound correspondence. The examinee's response to both real and nonsense words shows you how well he or she can apply known phonic patterns to decode unknown words. Subtest III, Contextual Decoding, presents story passages that correspond to first- through fifth-grade reading levels.


Original Code W-276
Authors Ellis Richardson and Barbara DiBenedetto
Contents 1 Reusable Presentation Book; 10 Scoring Booklets; 1 Manual
Age Range 4 - 18 yrs
Time Taken 15 to 30 minutes
Administration Individual/Group
Language English

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