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Adaptive Behavior Assessment System - Third Edition (ABAS-III) INFANT & PRESCHOOL KITS & FORMS

Adaptive Behavior Assessment System - Third Edition (ABAS-III) INFANT & PRESCHOOL KITS & FORMS

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Widely used to evaluate people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, the ABAS-II assesses adaptive behavior in individuals from birth to 89 years of age. This convenient behavior rating scale measures daily living skills--what people actually do, or can do, without the assistance of others. It is particularly useful in evaluating individuals with pervasive developmental disorders, mental retardation, neuropsychological problems, dementias, learning disabilities, biological risk factors, and sensory or physical impairments. The ABAS-II is compatible with state and federal special education classification systems, it covers the 10 adaptive skills specified in the DSM-IV-TR, and it generates scores that are consistent with the AAIDD definition of intellectual disability. Multiple Raters, Different Perspectives. The ABAS-II includes five rating forms, each for a specific age range and respondent: Parent/Primary Caregiver Form (Ages 0 - 5) Parent Form (Ages 5 - 21) Teacher/Daycare Provider Form (Ages 2 - 5) Teacher Form (Ages 5 - 21) Adult Form (Ages 16 - 89) These forms can be completed by parents, family members, teachers, daycare staff, supervisors, counselors, or others who are familiar with the daily activities of the individual being evaluated. In addition, the Adult Form can function as a self-rating. (If raters have poor reading skills, you may read the items to them.)


Original Code W-621
Authors Patti Harrison and Thomas Oakland
Contents Includes 25 Print Parent/Primary Caregiver Forms; 25 Print Teacher/Daycare Provider Forms; Print Manual; Print Intervention Planner
Age Range 0 - 5 yrs
Time Taken 15 - 20 minutes
Administration Behavior rating scale typically completed by parent, caregiver, and/or teacher; self-rating option for adults
Language English

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