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Adolescent Coping Scale – Second Edition (ACS-2)

Adolescent Coping Scale – Second Edition (ACS-2)

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The Adolescent Coping Scale is a self-report inventory that reliably assesses 18 distinct coping strategies. The Short Form consists of 18 items drawn from the Long Form (one item per scale). The Long Form consists of 80 items. Key Features: Focuses on what young people do rather than what they feel they should be doing Stimulates thinking about behaviour Can be used for initiating self-directed behavioural change and stimulating group discussion


Original Code A990HU
Authors Erica Frydenberg and Ramon Lewis
Contents ACS-2 User Manual; ACS-2 Long Form (pkg 10); ACS-2 Short Form (pkg 10); and ACS-2 Long Form Score Sheet and Individual Profile (pkg 10).
Age Range 12-18 yrs
Time Taken Long Form: 20–30 minutes; Short Form: 10–15 minutes
Administration Group/Individual
Language English

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