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Basic School Skills Inventory - Third Edition (BSSI-3)

Basic School Skills Inventory - Third Edition (BSSI-3)

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The Basic School Skills Inventory—Third Edition (BSSI3) is used to locate children who are at high risk for school failure, who need more in-depth assessment, and who should be referred for additional study. The inventory of 137 items is based on teachers’ judgments of desirable school performance. Using a 4-point Likert-type scale that ranges from does not perform to performance indicates mastery, the BSSI3 provides a quick teacher rating scale of early abilities in six areas: Daily Living Skills—basic knowledge and skills typically required for participation in day-to-day activities in school Spoken Language—ability to communicate orally Reading—knowledge of print in the form of letters, words, sentences, and paragraphs Writing—abilities and skills directly invol ved in wr i t ing let ter s , words , sentences , and paragraphs Mathematics—knowledge of numerical concepts and arithmetic operations involved in beginning mathematics Classroom Behavior—attentiveness, cooperation, attitude, socialization and work habits.


Original Code 8480
Authors Donald D. Hammill, James E. Leigh, Nils A. Pearson and Taddy Maddox
Contents Examiner's Manual and 25 Profile/Response Forms.
Age Range 4 - 6 yrs
Time Taken 5 - 8 minutes
Administration Individual
Language English

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