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Expressive One-Word Picture Vocabulary Test - 4th Edition (EOWPVT-4)

Expressive One-Word Picture Vocabulary Test - 4th Edition (EOWPVT-4)

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The EOWPVT-4 is an individually administered, norm-referenced assessment of how well individuals can name (in English) objects, actions, or concepts presented in full-color pictures. The EOWPVT-4 features additional items for younger children, as well as items applicable to older adults. It also now features norms for elderly adults (80+ years). The test consists of 190 items presented in a developmental sequence (based on the 2010 normative sample) that reflects the concepts with which people currently have experience through home, school, or media. The expanded norms allow for the use of the test with adults in various diagnostic, rehabilitation, and therapeutic settings. The EOWPVT-4 has been co-normed with the ROWPVT-4 to provide a comprehensive assessment of expressive and receptive vocabulary. The EOWPVT-4 is untimed and can be administered in about 20 minutes. Scoring is easy and straightforward, generally taking less than 5 minutes. Raw scores are reported as standard scores, percentile ranks, and, if necessary, age equivalents.


Original Code 8543-0
Authors Edited by Rick Brownell
Contents Manual, Test Plates, 25 English Record Forms, in portfolio
Age Range 2 - 80 yrs
Time Taken 20 minutes to administer; 5 minutes to score
Administration individual
Language English

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