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The WORD Test 3–Elementary

The WORD Test 3–Elementary

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The WORD Test 3–Elementary assesses a student's ability to recognize and express semantic attributes critical to vocabulary growth and language competency. Current research clearly supports the impact each task on this test has on academic and reading competency. You will understand how your students attach meaning to words and why they might be struggling in the classroom. The six subtests of The WORD Test 3–Elementary measure skills that correlate with word mastery, reading comprehension, and overall academic success. Test items are from the curriculum, including language arts, social studies, math, health, and science. There are fifteen tasks in each subtest. Subtests: Associations—choose one semantically-unrelated word from among four and explain the choice in relation to the common category of the other three words Synonyms—give a one-word synonym for each stimulus word Semantic Absurdities—identify and repair an absurd statement Antonyms—give a one-word opposite for each stimulus word Definitions—state the definition of words that include critical attributes Flexible Word Use—give multiple meanings for words


Original Code 34250
Authors Linda Bowers * Rosemary Huisingh * Carolyn LoGiudice * Jane Orman
Contents Examiner's Manual and 20 Test Forms
Age Range 6-0 through 11-11
Time Taken 30 minutes
Administration �Individual
Language English

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