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Marshalla Oral Sensorimotor Test (MOST)

- Brand: Prasad Psycho Corporation
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The Marshalla Oral Sensorimotor Test (MOST) is a comprehensive and quick assessment designed to put a numerical value on oral movement, oral-tactile sensitivity, facial and oral tone, as well as basic respiration, phonation, and resonation skills. The MOST is the first exam to allow speech-language pathologists an opportunity to place a numerical value on the oral exam. It identifies jaw, lip, and tongue movement problems. It is optimal for children with concomitant feeding difficulties, neurological deficits, developmental disorders, and sensory processing disorders.


Original Code 15017
Authors Pam Marshalla
Contents Examiner's manual, test easel, 30 Record Forms, 30 Case History Forms, all the oral-motor supplies to give the test, and a sturdy tote bag
Age Range 4-0 to 7-11
Time Taken 15-30 minutes
Administration Individual
Language English

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