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Adolescent Anger Rating Scale™ (AARS™)
The AARS is a 41-item psychometrically sound instrument that assesses the intensity and frequency of..
₹16,827 Ex Tax: ₹16,827
Aggression Questionnaire (AQ)
��This self-report inventory makes it possible--and practical--to routinely screen children and adul..
₹11,036 Ex Tax: ₹11,036
Attitudes Toward Guns and Violence Questionnaire
If you want to change violent behavior, it helps to knwo what's montivating it. Now there's a quick ..
₹11,036 Ex Tax: ₹11,036
Chronic Pain Coping Inventory™ (CPCI™)
The CPCI/SOPA-SP designed to assess the use of coping strategies that are typically targeted for cha..
₹18,328 Ex Tax: ₹18,328
Chronic Pain Coping Inventory™/Survey of Pain Attitudes™ Scoring Program (CPCI™/SOPA™-SP)
Designed to assess the use of coping strategies that are typically targeted for change in multidisci..
₹29,021 Ex Tax: ₹25,912
Clinician-Administered PTSD Scale
Developed at the National Center for PTSD, the Clinician- Administered PTSD Scale (CAPS) has become ..
₹12,371 Ex Tax: ₹12,371
Conflict Tactics Scales
The Conflict Tactics Scales (CTS) have been used for decades to evaluate violence within families an..
₹9,879 Ex Tax: ₹9,879
Detailed Assessment of Posttraumatic Stress (DAPS)
The DAPS is a 104-item, detailed, and comprehensive clinical measure of trauma exposure and posttrau..
₹22,515 Ex Tax: ₹22,515
Emotional Disturbance Decision Tree™ (EDDT™)
The EDDT-PF offers school/clinical professionals a standardized approach to gathering parent informa..
₹15,247 Ex Tax: ₹15,247
Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS)
HADS measures depression and anxiety in and outside hospital and community settings. It also contain..
₹12,925 Ex Tax: ₹12,925


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