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Leiter International Performance Test- 3rd Edition (leiter-3) kit in rolling backpack
The Leiter-3 evaluates nonverbal cognitive, attentional and neuropsychological abilities, and target..
₹97,455 Ex Tax: ₹97,455
Pictorial Test of Intelligence - Second Edition (PTI-2)
The PTI-2 is a revision of the Pictorial Test of Intelligence (French, 1964) and is an objectively s..
₹13,509 Ex Tax: ₹13,509
Rapid Automatized Naming And Rapid Alternating Stimulus Test (RAN/RAS)
The RAN and RAS Tests are considered to be the "gold standard" of naming tests. These tests reflect ..
₹12,403 Ex Tax: ₹12,403
Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales™, Second Edition RIAS-2 Introductory Kit
The RIAS-2 retains all the features that made the original instrument so popular and gives practitio..
₹39,105 Ex Tax: ₹39,105
Reynolds Intellectual Screening Test RIST-2 Introductory Kit
Developed to provide a quick and reliable screening measure of general cognitive aptitude, the RIST-..
₹19,750 Ex Tax: ₹19,750
The Slosson Intelligence Test-Revised (SIT-3/R) retains its reputation as a quick, reliable, user-fr..
₹22,525 Ex Tax: ₹22,525
Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales - Fifth Edition (SB-5)
The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales, Fifth Edition(SB5)is a contemporary assessment with a rich t..
₹85,873 Ex Tax: ₹85,873
Enhanced nonverbal/low-verbal content that requires no (or minimal) verbal responses from the examin..
₹31,995 Ex Tax: ₹31,995
Stoelting Brief Intelligence Test (S-BIT)
The Stoelting Brief Intelligence Test (S-BIT) is completely nonverbal. it does not require the child..
₹26,255 Ex Tax: ₹26,255
Test of Early Reading Ability - Third Edition (TERA-3)
The Test of Early Reading Ability-Third Edition (TERA-3) is a unique, direct measure of the reading ..
₹24,964 Ex Tax: ₹24,964


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