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Adolescent Language Screening Test (ALST)
The Adolescent Language Screening Test (ALST) provides speech-language pathologists and other intere..
₹13,272 Ex Tax: ₹13,272
Adolescent Symptom Inventory- 4 (ASI-4)
There are seven sub-tests Verbal Ability (VA), Numerical Ability (NA), Spatial Ability (SA), Closure..
₹7,600 Ex Tax: ₹7,600
British Ability Scales: Third Edition
Scoring and analysing the British Ability Scales: Third Edition (BAS3) can be a time consuming and c..
₹121,000 Ex Tax: ₹121,000
CAS2: Cognitive Assessment System–Second Edition (without case)
The Cognitive Assessment System–Second Edition (CAS2) is a well-researched, norm-referenced measure ..
₹69,125 Ex Tax: ₹69,125
Comprehensive Test of NonVerbal Intelligence - Second Edition (CTONI-2)
The (CTONI)-2 is a popular norm-referenced Test that uses NonVerbal formats to measure general Intel..
₹36,103 Ex Tax: ₹36,103
Constructive Thinking Inventory (CTI)
The CTI is based on Dr. Epstein's Cognitive-Experiential Self-Theory. According to this theory, peop..
₹15,405 Ex Tax: ₹15,405
Creativity Assessment Packet (CAP)
The CAP measures the cognitive thought factors of fluency, flexibility, elaboration, originality, vo..
₹11,297 Ex Tax: ₹11,297
CREVT-3 Comprehensive Receptive and Expressive Vocabulary Test–Third Edition
The Comprehensive Receptive and Expressive Vocabulary Test -Third Edition (CREVT-3) is an innovative..
₹24,964 Ex Tax: ₹24,964
Early Childhood Inventory-5 ( ECI-5 Deluxe Kit )
Modeled closely on the Child Symptom Inventory-4, the Early Childhood Inventory-4 (ECI-4) screens fo..
₹9,796 Ex Tax: ₹9,796
Gifted and Talented Evaluation Scales–Second Edition (GATES-2)
The GATES-2 is an innovative, quick approach for identifying students 5 through 18 years of age who ..
₹10,665 Ex Tax: ₹10,665


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