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Examining for Aphasia - Fourth Edition
Based on Jon Eisenson’s previous editions, the EFA-4 has been completely revised to evaluate the cog..
₹26,465 Ex Tax: ₹26,465
Extended Complex Figure Test (ECFT)
The Extended Complex Figure Test (ECFT) retains the strengths and overcomes the limitations of the R..
₹17,533 Ex Tax: ₹17,533
Finger tapper test provides information regarding brain damage and the integrity of brain functions...
₹20,224 Ex Tax: ₹20,224
Frenchay Dysarthria Assessment, 2nd Ed.
The second edition of Frenchay Dysarthria Assessment (FDA-2) includes new powerful knowledge about m..
₹12,403 Ex Tax: ₹12,403
Frontal Systems Behavior Scale
The FrSBe, formerly known as the Frontal Lobe Personality Scale (FLoPS), provides a brief, reliable,..
₹20,856 Ex Tax: ₹20,856
Functional Linguistic Communication Inventory
Essential for professionals who see moderate and severe dementia patients, the FLCI is a standardize..
₹18,881 Ex Tax: ₹18,881
FVLMA Kit: Functional Vision and Learning Media Assessment
This assessment tool helps practitioners gather, store, track, and analyze information regarding stu..
₹6,700 Ex Tax: ₹6,700
Hooper Visual Organization Test
The Hooper Visual Organization Test (VOT) allows you to quickly detect neurological impairment, even..
₹22,829 Ex Tax: ₹22,829
Hopkins Verbal Learning Test- Revised
THE HVLT-R offers a brief assessment of verbal learning and memory (recognition and recall). It is e..
₹28,203 Ex Tax: ₹28,203
Iowa Gambling Task™ (IGT™)
The IGT, originally developed to assist in detecting decision-making impairment in patients with pre..
₹45,346 Ex Tax: ₹45,346


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