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The Cognistat is designed to rapidly assess neurocognitive functioning in three general areas: level..
₹230,000 Ex Tax: ₹230,000
Color Trails Test (CTT)
The CTT was developed to meet the need for a test with the sensitivity and specificity of the standa..
₹11,850 Ex Tax: ₹11,850
Communication Activities of Daily Living, 2nd Ed.
Communication Activities of Daily Living, Second Edition (CADL-2) assesses the functional Communicat..
₹18,407 Ex Tax: ₹18,407
Comprehensive Trail - Making Test (CTMT)
The CTMT is an invaluable, meticulously constructed, nationally normed, reliable and valid new psych..
₹10,902 Ex Tax: ₹10,902
Continuous Visual Memory Test (CVMT)
The CVMT uses complex, ambiguous designs and a recognition format to measure visual learning and mem..
₹17,459 Ex Tax: ₹17,459
d2 Test of Attention
This general performance test measures the speed and accuracy of differentiating visual stimuli (det..
₹11,890 Ex Tax: ₹11,890
Dementia Rating Scale - Second Edition (DRS-2)
Research conducted after the publication of the original Dementia Rating Scale (DRS) showed that bot..
₹25,280 Ex Tax: ₹25,280
Developmental Scoring System for the Rey-Osterrieth Complex figure (DSS-ROCF)
The DSS-ROCF allows the examiner to objectively evaluate ROCF performance within a developmental con..
₹17,301 Ex Tax: ₹17,301
Digit Vigilance Test (DVT)
Sensitive to subtle changes in neuropsychological status, but relatively insensitive to the effect o..
₹14,141 Ex Tax: ₹14,141
Ecologically Oriented Neurorehabilitation of Memory
The EON-MEM is a systematic, structured, and detailed cognitive rehabilitation program designed to h..
₹19,358 Ex Tax: ₹19,358


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