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Ackerman-Schoendorf Scales for Parent Evaluation of Custody
Here is a clinical tool that will help you make more objective child custody recommendations. Easy t..
₹16,955 Ex Tax: ₹16,955
Bell Object Relations and Reality Testing Inventory
This exciting self-report inventory gives clinicians a quick, convenient, and reliable way to evalua..
₹10,102 Ex Tax: ₹10,102
Clinical Assessment Scales for the Elderly™ Short Form (CASE-SF™)
The CASE-SF is designed to provide you with a rapid assessment of elderly adults to determine whethe..
₹17,143 Ex Tax: ₹17,143
Malingering Probability Scale MPS CD
Here is an invaluable tool for clinicians who must assess the possibility of malingering. This brief..
₹47,749 Ex Tax: ₹47,749
Peabody Mobility Programs
Includes valuable teaching aids for professionals, para- professionals and parents who have limited ..
₹16,910 Ex Tax: ₹16,910
Psychiatric Diagnostic Screening Questionnaire
This brief self-report instrument screens for the DSM-IV Axis I disorders most commonly encountered ..
₹12,772 Ex Tax: ₹12,772


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