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Life Stressors and Social Resources Inventory (LISRES-Youth)
The LISRES provides a unified framework to measure ongoing life stressors and social resources and t..
₹17,459 Ex Tax: ₹17,459
Maryland Addictions Questionnaire
Brief, economical, and easy to administer and score, the MAQ is one of the best treatment planning t..
₹10,502 Ex Tax: ₹10,502
Multidimensional Health Profile
The MHP is a comprehensive screening instrument designed for general use in health-related settings...
₹15,879 Ex Tax: ₹15,879
Multidimensional Self Concept Scale
The Multidimensional Self Concept Scale (MSCS) is a thoroughly researched and standardized clinical ..
₹10,507 Ex Tax: ₹10,507
Overeating Questionnaire
The Overeating Questionnaire (OQ) measures key habits, thoughts, and attitudes related to obesity. A..
₹10,013 Ex Tax: ₹10,013
Parent-Child Relationship Inventory
This unique self-report inventory tells you how parents view the task of parenting and how they feel..
₹11,170 Ex Tax: ₹11,170
Parenting Alliance Measure
The PAM is a useful screening and diagnostic instrument for family counseling, joint custody evaluat..
₹13,272 Ex Tax: ₹13,272
Personal Experience Inventory for Adults (PEI-A Kit with 5_use CD for On-Site Computer Scoring)
This self-report inventory provides comprehensive information about substance abuse patterns in adul..
₹18,023 Ex Tax: ₹18,023
Personal Experience Screening Questionnaire
The Personal Experience Screening Questionnaire (PESQ) provides a quick, cost-effective way to scree..
₹10,502 Ex Tax: ₹10,502
Personal Experience Screening Questionnaire for Adults
The Personal Experience Screening Questionnaire for Adults (PESQ-A) gives substance abuse and commun..
₹10,502 Ex Tax: ₹10,502


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