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Adult Manifest Anxiety Scale
The AMAS offers a simple, efficient way to measure anxiety experienced by adults. Because it has thr..
₹12,371 Ex Tax: ₹12,371
Burks Behavior Rating Scales, 2nd Ed.
This second edition of the Burks Behavior Rating Scales (BBRS) helps you diagnose and treat children..
₹13,617 Ex Tax: ₹13,617
Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing (CTOPP)
The Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing (CTOPP) assesses phonological awareness, phonologi..
₹27,413 Ex Tax: ₹27,413
Decoding Skills Test
The Decoding Skills Test (DST) helps you diagnose and treat specific reading disabilities, including..
₹17,889 Ex Tax: ₹17,889
Detroit Tests of Learning Aptitude - Fourth Edition (DTLA-4)
The DTLA-4 is the oldest and most venerable of the tests of specific mental abilities. The test incl..
₹46,847 Ex Tax: ₹46,847
Detroit Tests of Learning Aptitude-Primary, 3rd Ed.
The DTLA-P:3 is a quick, easily administered test for measuring the general aptitude of young childr..
₹19,829 Ex Tax: ₹19,829
Dyscalculia Guidance Book
Dyscalculia Screener is a unique, computer-based assessment that indicates dyscalculic tendencies by..
₹7,695 Ex Tax: ₹7,695
GORT-5: Gray Oral Reading Tests−Fifth Edition, Complete Kit
The Gray Oral Reading Tests, now in its fifth edition, is one of the most widely used measures of or..
₹22,831 Ex Tax: ₹22,831
Gray Silent Reading Tests (GSRT)
The Gray Silent Reading Tests (GSRT) will help you quickly and efficiently measure an individual’s s..
₹15,958 Ex Tax: ₹15,958
LAC-3: Lindamood Auditory Conceptualization Test, 3rd Ed.
The LAC-3 is an individually administered, norm-referenced assessment that measures an individual's ..
₹18,881 Ex Tax: ₹18,881


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