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This revision improves an instrument already viewed as "the gold standard" for observational assessm..
₹219,296 Ex Tax: ₹195,800
Autism Screening Instrument for Educational Planning - Third Edition(ASIEP-3)
The Autism Screening Instrument for Educational Planning—Third Edition (asiep-3) is a valid and reli..
₹23,463 Ex Tax: ₹23,463
The ADES was designed to contribute to early identification and service delivery for students with A..
₹27,700 Ex Tax: ₹27,700
Bell Relationship Inventory for Adolescents
With adolescents, the presenting problem may be academic, emotional, or behavioral, but the solution..
₹11,036 Ex Tax: ₹11,036
Birth - Three Assessment and Intervention System - Second Edition (BTAIS-2)
The Birth to Three Assessment and Intervention System-Second Edition (BTAIS-2) is now completely rev..
₹24,490 Ex Tax: ₹24,490
Child Symptom Inventory (CSI-4) Deluxe Kit
The CSI-4 Norms Kit describes an alternative scoring procedure for rating symptom severity that is b..
₹7,700 Ex Tax: ₹7,700
Childhood Autism Rating Scale - Second Edition (CARS 2)
CARS Second Edition expands the test's clinical value, making it more responsive to individuals on t..
₹18,067 Ex Tax: ₹18,067
Children's Depression Rating Scale - Revised (CDRS-R)
Modeled after the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression, the Children's Depression Rating Scale has l..
₹11,036 Ex Tax: ₹11,036
Children's Inventory of Anger (ChIA)
Children's anger, and their ability to cope with it, are of increasing concern to professionals work..
₹11,036 Ex Tax: ₹11,036
Children's Measure of Obsessive-Compulsive Symptoms (CMOCS)
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is relatively common in children and teens, and its impact on da..
₹11,570 Ex Tax: ₹11,570


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