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More What are they thinking?
As with the original set of 'What are they thinking?' this collection of cards is designed to encour..
₹5,499 Ex Tax: ₹5,499
Personal Relationships
Designed to help students understand and discuss personal relationships, this illustrated set depict..
₹3,409 Ex Tax: ₹3,409
Problem Solving
How to solve everyday problems. There are three cards in each sequence; the first shows the problem,..
₹3,273 Ex Tax: ₹3,273
Sequencing ColorCards Set
ColorCards are uniquely created by speech and language therapists and teachers, and are designed to ..
₹24,969 Ex Tax: ₹24,969
Simple Sequences
48 cards depicting 2-step and 3-step sequences of everyday activities within the experience of most ..
₹4,599 Ex Tax: ₹4,599
Story Starters
Boost creative writing sessions with 30 A4 cards that provide an image for the opening of a narrativ..
₹5,499 Ex Tax: ₹5,499
Teen Issues
The 36 cards and worksheets in this pack provide a platform for lively discussion around the variety..
₹5,499 Ex Tax: ₹5,499
Teen Issues - Lifestyle/ Life Skills
36 full colour, A5 cards portraying a variety of topics of concern to teenagers Teenage life often r..
₹5,499 Ex Tax: ₹5,499
Teen Issues - Relationships
This set of cards considers a wide range of different types of relationships that may be encountered..
₹5,499 Ex Tax: ₹5,499
What are they thinking?
A creative resource for developing empathy, understanding feelings and recognising emotions. The use..
₹5,499 Ex Tax: ₹5,499


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