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The applications specifications and uses of ECG Biofeedback is the same as that of Pulse Biofeedback..
₹89,990 Ex Tax: ₹89,990
By learning to enhance the generation of EEG (Alpha) activity, the subject suffering from a chronic ..
₹100,789 Ex Tax: ₹89,990
Tension headaches are caused by muscle contractions of the scalp, face and neck. An essential step t..
₹95,189 Ex Tax: ₹84,990
In uneasiness, anxiety and tension sympathetic nerve system is tensed, perspiration increases and GS..
₹95,189 Ex Tax: ₹84,990
Small-modulated electrical impulses applied to the skull with a synchronized audio stimulus. The the..
₹61,600 Ex Tax: ₹55,000
It is a combination of Sex Therapy, Electro Sleep, Brain Polariser and Aversion Therapy in a single ..
₹100,789 Ex Tax: ₹89,990
Pulse biofeedback is the process of monitoring and displaying an individual ongoing heartbeat. Its m..
₹95,189 Ex Tax: ₹84,990
A highly sensitive movement suspended above the area of the greatest respiratory scans the patients ..
₹100,789 Ex Tax: ₹89,990
An increasing stress causes peripheral blood vessels to constrict, lessening blood flow to the hands..
₹95,189 Ex Tax: ₹84,990


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