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Curiosity is a tendency to wonder, to inquire, to investigate and to seek information about anything..
₹750 Ex Tax: ₹750
(The CPQ measures 14 primary traits useful in understanding and evaluating the course of personal, s..
₹2,400 Ex Tax: ₹2,400
It contains 80 items and measures self concept in six areas—I. behaviour, II. intellectual and schoo..
₹900 Ex Tax: ₹900
This scale consists 44 items of six areas–I. Democratic, II. Autocratic, III. Accepting, IV. Rejecti..
₹600 Ex Tax: ₹600
It contains 46 items which measure three dimensions of time perception — official time, cued time, a..
₹900 Ex Tax: ₹900
₹750 Ex Tax: ₹750
₹750 Ex Tax: ₹750
Employee taking care of clerical responsibilities...
₹13,000 Ex Tax: ₹13,000


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