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This scale consist 34 items in two areas — I. small family and II. population education. It was stan..
₹700 Ex Tax: ₹700
It contains 55 items and measures the high school teacher attitude towards I. academic, II. administ..
₹900 Ex Tax: ₹900
This scale consists 60 items. It is for adults...
₹600 Ex Tax: ₹600
This 20 statement scale is based on Likert’s technique. It indicates the attitudes towards education..
₹600 Ex Tax: ₹600
This 24 items scale is a likert -type of scale which has 5-point scaling to measure the attitude of ..
₹800 Ex Tax: ₹800
This scale consists 46 items of 8 areas. It was standardized on 240 students of 10+1 class...
₹600 Ex Tax: ₹600
It contains 27 items and measures the authoritarianism trait of personality of leadership. It was ad..
₹600 Ex Tax: ₹600
The test contains 60 items and six factors are extracted for the test. This test can serve to diagno..
₹4,000 Ex Tax: ₹4,000
This test consists 40 items. It was standardized on Xth class students...
₹600 Ex Tax: ₹600


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