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18 years and above ..
₹7,000 Ex Tax: ₹7,000
This scale consists 24 items. This scale is intended to measure six dichotomous mode of value confli..
₹1,300 Ex Tax: ₹1,300
This test consists 34 items divided into six areas—I. social, II. aesthetic, III. religious, IV. eco..
₹1,000 Ex Tax: ₹1,000
It measures our liking for common values in six dimensions. Age group 15 to 60+ years. ..
₹1,300 Ex Tax: ₹1,300
Eighteen items measure terminal and instrumental values of life. For all age. ..
₹750 Ex Tax: ₹750
For 13 to 20 year Pupils. 103 items consists of eight sub tests. It measures intelligence through ei..
₹1,000 Ex Tax: ₹1,000
This test consist 10 items. It provides three factor scores—I. fluency, II. flexibility, and III. or..
₹1,300 Ex Tax: ₹1,300
It consists of 12 items which have been classified into four sub-tests namely —I. consequences, II. ..
₹1,000 Ex Tax: ₹1,000


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