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This scale contains 90 items and it is meant for higher primary, secondary and pre university grades..
₹900 Ex Tax: ₹900
This test consists 88 items. It was standardized on 186 student of age range 6 to 11 years. Test to ..
₹900 Ex Tax: ₹900
Rapid Automatized Naming And Rapid Alternating Stimulus Test (RAN/RAS)
The RAN and RAS Tests are considered to be the "gold standard" of naming tests. These tests reflect ..
₹12,403 Ex Tax: ₹12,403
It consists of 60 statements in 6 areas and 30 issues. It is for adults...
₹1,500 Ex Tax: ₹1,500
It measures reaction to frustration in 4 modes — aggression, resignation, fixation and regression. I..
₹600 Ex Tax: ₹600
It based on Cloze procedure for classes 8th, 9th and 10th. It contains a test passage with ) 50 gaps..
₹750 Ex Tax: ₹750
The newly revised R-FVII:2 uses pictures of individuals engaged in different occupations to measure ..
₹665 Ex Tax: ₹665
This measures the reading-writing skills of pre-primary children 5+ of Hindi Speaking areas through ..
₹1,200 Ex Tax: ₹1,200
This scale measures reasoning ability in science with the help of five types of reasoning—I. analogi..
₹900 Ex Tax: ₹900


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