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Fairy Tale Test
The FTT is used assess the child’s personality dynamics, offering information not just about single ..
₹12,990 Ex Tax: ₹12,990
This scale consists 90 statements relating to ten dimensions of FCS — I. freedom-restrictiveness, II..
₹1,000 Ex Tax: ₹1,000
of socialization. A child’s family and home environment have a strong impact on his/her overall deve..
₹2,000 Ex Tax: ₹2,000
This scale of 69 items contains eight sub-scales — I. cohesion, II. expressiveness, III. conflict, I..
₹1,000 Ex Tax: ₹1,000
Family Issues
A collection of 36 cards designed to generate discussion, covering thirty-six topics and issues comm..
₹5,499 Ex Tax: ₹5,499
This scale indicates the extent to which maladaptive behaviour is present amongst the family members..
₹1,000 Ex Tax: ₹1,000
This scale is designed as a summated rating on the pattern of Likert Scaling technique. It contains ..
₹1,300 Ex Tax: ₹1,300
Family Relations Test: Children's Version
The test assesses the feelings and emotions, negative and positive, that a child has towards their f..
₹40,975 Ex Tax: ₹40,975
This inventory consist 150 items. Provides acceptance, avoidance and concentration scores of adolesc..
₹1,000 Ex Tax: ₹1,000


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